Introduction to myfife

What is myfife?

myfife is the ideal starter for young children learning the flute.

Perfect for 6 to 10 year olds who are just starting out, myfife is:

  • small and lightweight
  • affordable
  • attractive
  • virtually unbreakable

What is ?

Many of today’s top flute players started learning on a fife. Here’s Philippe Barnes talking about how he started flute:

Why use myfife?

For many young players, a full-sized flute – even a curved or mini flute – is inappropriate to start on. Using an instrument that is too large or heavy can lead to:

  • pain or discomfort for the child…
  • ..meaning they eventually find playing the flute too hard work and leading them to give up, or…
  • …neck and shoulder problems in adult life

myfife is recommended by teachers worldwide for players aged 6 to 10.  When used in conjunction with our range of supporting materials, teachers can easily use myfife in one-to-one, small group or whole class situations. It is available in four cool colour options:

  • myfife in Black, Ultraviolet, Sky Blue and Rosewoodsky blue
  • ultraviolet
  • matt black
  • simulated rosewood

For a fraction of the price of a regular flute, myfife helps aspiring flute students to develop:

  • making a good sound – because it is so light and easy to hold, myfife means players aren’t battling with the weight of a flute, so they can concentrate on sound production. This is a great skill to then transfer on to flute.
  • balance and posture – learning a good posture is easy on a small instrument, and ensures that your child’s back, neck and shoulders remain relaxed, and lays down the building blocks for a great posture later in life
  • breathing – yes, musicians need to learn to breathe properly!
  • articulation
  • reading music
  • playing music – uses the same basic finger patterns as a standard flute
  • improvisation
  • rhythmic development
  • commitment – if your child practices on a fife, you can be certain they will get even more pleasure when they transfer to a flute!

The comprehensive introduction to flute playing!