How to get started playing myfife

The embouchure is the shape and position of the lips when we play a wind instrument. Before jumping straight in to myfife, here are some simple exercises to try out. We start with using your finger instead of your myfife, followed by a ‘blind spot’ on your myfife, followed by the myfife itself.

Embouchure exercises using your finger

Embouchure exercises using a ‘blind spot’

To get used to the shape of myfife under your lip, repeat the exercises with any part of the headjoint.

Embouchure exercises using myfife

Repeat the exercises with myfife.

How to hold myfife

An adult learning the exercises

This was the first time this adult tried the five embouchure exercises

Syke Boat Song

This is a great ‘test piece’ – if you can play this, you are ready to transfer to a flute

The comprehensive introduction to flute playing!