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myfife Workshops for Teachers and Children

Liz Goodwin, author of The Fife Book and director of Flutewise is available for workshops and Inset days.

Come and discover everything you need to know about myfife and how to teach it. Liz will reveal to you her sure-fire methods of sound production, holding the instrument, posture and note learning. The fife is an inexpensive, simple and extremely attractive way to introduce music making to children. You will discover a scheme of work which can last for a term or much longer and will lay down firm foundations for future flute playing and music making skills. The fife can be used for all ages in groups of all sizes or individual lessons.

  • Children love the fife because it is simple and good fun to learn
  • Parents love the fife because it is affordable and allows their child to demonstrate their interest in learning an instrument. After their child completes the course on the fife they are happy to invest in a good-quality instrument.
  • Teachers love the fife because of all the above and it enables them to quickly build a teaching practice of keen pupils.

To increase music making in your area, the following workshops are offered:

i) Inset day

An Inset day for music teachers covering how to play and teach the fife. The teachers would have practical experience and learn to play the fife as well as explore strategies to teach it. The work would cover:

  1. Why teach the fife
  2. Embouchure exercises
  3. Holding and posture
  4. Finger technique/Tonguing technique
  5. Music reading/Improvisation
  6. Musical games to develop rhythm and aural skills
  7. Exploration of material available
  8. Lesson plans for fife workshops
  9. How to organise fife workshops
  10. Transition from fife to flute (or other instruments)

A teaching resource pack, myfife Method is available.  Plus myfife packs (myfife, The Fife Book, carrying bag, CD and stickers) are available in packs of 10, 20 or 30.

ii) Fife Workshops

Fife workshops of 45-50 minutes over 3 consecutive days for a group of children. Between 6 to 10 children aged around 9 years would be ideal and they should express an interest in being involved. Teachers would be welcome to observe the workshops which would also be videoed. The aim is to have a short performance for parents and friends on the last day. These workshops work well after school.

You could also add to this:

iii) Flutewise Workshop

A 3 hour workshop for children already playing the flute and their teachers.  These workshops include:

  1. Warm ups
  2. Flute technique
  3. Musical games
  4. Ensemble playing
  5. Performance

To check prices and arrange a date, please contact us.

Upcoming events for teachers:

Sunday 8 June 2014 14.00 – 17.00 – Just Flutes, Croydon
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Sunday 15 June 2014 14.00 – 17.00 – Portslade, Brighton
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Midlands, Venue and Date TBC
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Sunderland – Venue and Date TBC
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Other venues and dates to be announced soon

The comprehensive introduction to flute playing!