Supporting Materials

We’ve developed a wide range of materials to support you in teaching the myfife method.

The Fife Book by Liz Goodwin

The Fife Book is the perfect companion book to myfife. Aimed at beginners, The Fife Book teaches embouchure technique, breath control and basic fingerings.

Playalong MP3 backing tracks are also available to download

The Fife Book

The myfife Pack

The myfife Pack contains myfife, The Fife Book and a carry bag with reflective strip. Ideal for tking to school without forgetting the fife or book!

The Fife Pack

The Fife Book 2 by Liz Goodwin

The Fife Book 2 builds upon the first book with additional well-known melodies and a selection of ensemble pieces in the form of rounds, trios and quartets. Ideal for myfifers who aren’t yet ready to progress on to the flute, and equally good for beginning flute players who need some extra support.

The Fife Book 2

The myfife Method – Teacher’s Resource Pack by Liz Goodwin

This substantial pack is a series of lesson plans, photocopiable worksheets, exercises, games and flashcards, all designed to make a myfife teacher’s life that bit easier. If you’ve never taught the myfife method before, you will find this invaluable. Download some free sample worksheets.

The Myfife Handbook

The comprehensive introduction to flute playing!